mobile phones, business and fish in India

I have often quoted this story but found it hard to find a reference - having been given it anecdotally myself but The Economist have an article that discusses how fishermen in India have found that mobile phones can change their businesses.

To do with the price of fish |

I have used the story because it shows how the most unexpected of consequences can arise from the introduction of a technology. In this case the introduction of better communications has meant that a marketplace has operated more efficiently. this could never have been seen as a consequence of creating SMS or introducing SMS to India.

When looking at mobile education in schools a similar surprise seems to come from the trials in Wolverhampton. An unexpected consequence of introducing hand-held devices to the classroom and giving one to each student has been better communication about school between students and parents. As far as I understand it this has been as a result of the fact that students have been easily able to show parents what they have created that day at school - because it is in their pockets.

This could never have been foreseen by the Dave Whyley and the team - but what a great outcome.