I’ve decided to start a blog because at the moment I am spending a lot of my time waiting for something exciting to happen.

Please don’t get me wrong I not sitting around passively waiting for something / anything to happen - I find myself waiting for a very particular thing to happen.

I’d like not be so passive in the process but there is little I can do, I waiting on a decision that is completely out of my control. The worst thing is that not only is it out of my control, but it is being made by people I’ll never meet, in another country, and they have no idea of the consequences of their decision.

For them it is a just business deal, if they take the right decision it should help grow their business and increase the satisfaction of their end users and that is all they care about. For me it is big deal, if they chose to go ahead it will mean that my girlfriend, Nicole, will be asked to move to Germany and establish a German version of the company she works for.

We have both discussed what would happen and I am keen to try out living in Germany, Nicole however has some reservations. Nicole is German, and returning to Germany is not a priority for her or necessarily appealing. There are positives, like being much closer to her family - she recently became an aunt and is missing the development of her new Nephew. I think the main thing though is that she made a decision to leave Germany and discover the rest of the world so going back in some ways seems like a failure.

I like the idea a lot, I’d like to improve my German so that I can better communicate with her family. I also recognise that initially Nicole moved to the UK, to be with me and I think that in a balanced relationship it would be better to spend some time also in Germany so that there is no lingering guilt around about why we live in a particular place or unbalanced sacrifices that we have made.

As of now however - we are waiting for a decision that will have a huge impact on our lives and that is made by a group of people in Germany who have no idea about what they are really deciding. The decision has so far been put off twice, but we are now waiting until the 26th June for what we hope will be the definitive decision.

In the meantime I’ve decided to start a blog.