The Plastic White Ducks are coming!!

I’d not heard of this story before but apparently 40,000 small rubber ducks were accidentally dropped into the Pacific Ocean 15 years ago, during a storm. The ducks have taken an epic voyage both north and south from the original location and some ended up invading Australia and the South Pacific.

The set that went north got stuck in ice packs and have been slowly moving north of Russia at the rate of a mile a day in the ice and after 8 years are now coming out of the ice and into the north sea.

They have been bleached by the sea and ice and are now white duckies not yellow ones - but after all of that they are on their way to the UK and Ireland - even better if you find one there is a £50 reward from the manufacturer or even better a £250 auction price on eBay.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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