A democratic 7 wonders of the world

Ever wondered how the seven wonders of the world were chosen? I know that there are at least 3 sets of 7 wonders - the Ancient set, the modern set and the set that I can’t remember the name for. It has often perplexed me how they were chosen though - who can decide what is a wonder.  One mans wonder maybe another man carbuncle.

Now at least technology and eDemocracy have allowed some people to vote for a new 7 wonders of the world (n7w: 07.07.07) - apparently people have been voting for a set of wonders via text message and on-line.

The only annoying thing - how come I’ve only found out afterwards!!!

Anyway I am sure that this will get updated each year and so it should - wonderment changes as we discover new and interesting things - will the pyramids ever stop being a wonder? Thank god the Hoover dam had left the list!