Phase 1 is complete - we have left the UK

Yesterday we left the house, Milton Keynes and England - and after a 11 hour journey we arrived in Serrig, Germany - the village Nicole grew up in.

The big green monster and Rudi's trailer

We loaded everything we own - yes everything into our lovely green van (The Big Green Monster) and left. Luckily we got some help from Jon, Vicki, Ruby and Gary which meant we only left 40 minutes later than we had planned at 9:40.

Apart from a strike by the French crew of the SeaFrance ferry - the journey was great and we got to Serrig at 9:30 yesterday evening. We unloaded the van, had a celebratory beer with Nicole’s parents and then showered and headed out to a 44th birthday party. The party was something that Nicole really wanted to attend as yesterday was the 29th Feb and the poor guy whose birthday it was only gets to celebrate it every 4 years (this is his 11th birthday party!).

Nicole, Vicki, Jon and Al

Anyway today has been spent sorting out boxes and setting up our German office of Luzia Research - all gone well.

I’lll get some pictures up soon.