Setting the scene here - the food

OK - so we are getting settled - when the weather is better I will take some pictures of the house, the village and the valley.

Talking of the weather - whenever I visit here, someone normally mentions the bad weather in the UK, which always winds me up as in my mind it is a stereotype and not based on any facts (but when has that ever stopped me!). Well it has been highly enjoyable that it has rained for two days here whilst there is sunshine in the UK. The other popular wind up is about the European Football Chamionship this summer - they are often keen to ask me who I think will win - and then wait with a smile knowing that I can’t say England as they are already out - hilarious!!! :-D

Lentil Soup with Sausage and Bread

So in absence of any photos of Serrig - I though I would help promote the stereotype that all they eat here is sausages and bread - our meal yesterday was Lentil soup with fresh bread and a Mettwurst.

A Mettwurst is not so much a sausage but a carefully built booby trap for the unsuspecting - with pockets of exploding hot oil built into the sides.

Meal was great though and I can see that 2 months here will be a pleasure - the big meal of the day is at lunchtime normally rather than the evening - but that is the only difference really.