Kellar dwellers

For some reason Nicole and I seem to be spending the majority of our time in the basements of other people’s houses.

We currently live in the basement of Nicole’s parents house - where we have a nice size bed room, a storage room and a good sized toilet and shower room. The bed room is quite crowded and has many unpacked boxes littering it - but is nice enough. The windows in our room are all quite small and high-up and the weird thing is that there is no need for this. Although we are technically in a basement as it is below the rest of the house - all the walls around us are full length on the other side - even those that are external - so there really is no reason for such high windows.

The cellar office

So that is where we sleep - and we also have an office set-up at one of Nicole’s sister’s houses - again this is in the basement.

You might start to pity us and our underground lives but again this cellar is all above the ground and gets lots of light - the windows on one side are high but on the other there is a glass door / window that can be used to access outside. I think it is all very nice myself - it is a pity the windows aren’t a little lower because when sitting at a desk it is not possible ot see the outside world which is something I miss (every so often I stand up to have a look!).

Urinal in house toilet

Another interesting feature of the house we work (which belongs to Nicole’s sister Kerstin and her husband Timo) is that in the guest toilet on the ground floor - there is a urinal!!! I have never seen one of these in someone’s home!

More exciting cultural updates soon!