The end of my first week

Well a week has gone by and we are settled in and things seem to be good so far. The weather has not been too good quite cold and a lot of rain (but I don’t mind that as I get to wond them up about terrible German weather!).

Staying at Nicole’s parents is quite an easy life - Hanne (Nicole’s mum) pretty much does everything here - the washing, ironing and cooking and that has suited us quite well.

Currently Nicole is lying asleep on the sofa with her sister Sandra on the other sofa - they were both out until 5am drinking with another sister Silke. I decided to have an easier night and leave the sisters to it - which I cam glad of as they seem to have had a good night and Nicole could have a night off translating for me which I think much be a relief.

We are off to Cologne a bit later on to she the new place that Sandra lives and will stay there tonight and go to see FC Cologne play football tomorrow. I will be interested to see how it is when beer is allowed in the stadium - unlike in the UK for football, but I don’t expect it to be very different to UK Rugby matches.

We must also go this afternoon to help Nicole’s other sister Kerstin built the new nursery for their new child that is due in June.

That is life - stress free, nice working environment, and hardly anything to worry about when not working - I think I will only cope with so much relaxing - but I will enjoy it while it lasts - I think in Spain it will be much more stressful.