The area around here

I really must get some photos of the area taken - but the weather has been fairly awful since we arrived.

I did make it out for a two hour walk on Saturday but forgot my camera! :-(

To roughly describe it we are in a large valley of the Saar river. On the opposite side of the valley to us there are steep hills and cliffs which are mostly covered in woods and forests, the steepness makes them inhabitable. The river snakes quite a bit so the valley has an interesting shape. To picture the river it is about half the width of the Thames just near the Houses of Parliment - too wide for many bridges so you have to go for a while in each direction before you can cross it.

This side of the river there is Serrig the village Nicole grew up in. Between Serrig and the Saar is a road and some fields so none of the properties here are on the edge of the river - which probably reflects a history of the occasional flood. Serrig is all set on the side of the valley there are a few properties on the flat near the river - but most go up the side of the valley. The population is about 1500 so it is not a great size but it can still support a baker, a butcher, a grocer, a florist, a bank and two pubs.

Around Serrig there are a few fields, but mostly the land is either Vineyards or woodland - there is an impressive chateau that looks down on the village from one of the vineyards.

On Saturday I went for a walk along the river and then up into the woods and back to Serrig which took two hours. Along the way I manged to spot two deers and a wild pig and her 8 piglets following her about.

I have to say that is really relaxing here and I will certainly enjoy the two months here, but I must remember to carry my camera more!