Easter: children replace the bells and painted eggs

So lots of little things to say about Easter, in general not that different to the UK. The Friday and Monday are both holidays, and Easter Sunday is viewed with less significance to Christmas day. Now the interesting stuff - the little changes.

Firstly Serrig is a very catholic village and many things revolve around the church - at Easter the bells of the Church are not used for reasons that I must confess I don’t understand (something to do with hearing the bells from Rome). To help the residents of Serrig know when to come to the church various children are sent out with what I can only describe as ‘Clackers’ that make a loud noise to replace the bells. These children then must wander up and down every road in the village at significant times during the day - see video below:

They love to decorate here - in my various visits I have seen decorations outside and inside people’s houses for Easter, Christmas and Autumn - there are probably other periods that I have also missed. The nice thing about decorations here is they are generally subtle and not in your face. So in Nicole’s parents house there suddenly appeared eggs hanging around the place with sprigs of leaves - but if you didn’t look you would not see them - and if you didn’t know the house you might think they were always there. This is similar in Autumn when suddenly Pumpkins and other vegetables will appear outside people’s front doors and in their gardens.Quite a few trees in the area have been decorated with coloured eggs - something that should confuse any young child for a while as clearly there is no connection between trees, eggs and the various colours that they have been painted. I wanted to get some nice pictures of the trees with eggs but I have failed on that so far! :-(

I do have a picture of a basket of painted eggs that Nicole helped create on Saturday and you will just have to imagine these hanging in a tree.