Some Pictures of Serrig

Here are two pictures of Serrig that have been taken at different times that give an idea of the setting of the village in addition to my previous text that tried to set the scene here in Serrig.

Serrig as the fog lifts

The first was taken on a cold foggy day as we return to the village on a road through the forest, you can see the cliffs on the other side of the valley rising out of the fog and also the castle/house that is near Nicole can also be clearly seen.

Serrig as the fog lifts

The second was taken a few days later and you can make out the same castle/house on the right of the photo and more hills in the background.

Neither really capture the river which is further down the hill at the bottom of the valley - I have found this video on youTube though from a handglider flying about 2 miles south of the village which shows a nice bend in the river but he never flies over the hill to his right which is where the village is! :-(

The link is: