Modesty and nudism

We recently spent 3 hours at a Sauna complex which was a great experience as it was on-off snowing at the time. We could swim in the heated pool that went outside and be warm but with snow landing on our heads.

For the swimming pool you must wear a swimming costume - but for the Sauna you must wear nothing (this is the same for all sauna in Germany). This was not my first time in a German sauna but it reminded me of how quickly you stop noticing that you and everyone else is nude.

Modesty sheets on shop models in Trier

It is strange though to balance this with a scene I saw in the shop window of a department store recently where they were in between dressing the models - so rather than leave the people of Trier with the site of plastic lumps and bumps of the models they had decided to cover them with modesty sheets! Somehow the two just don’t reconcile.