Now we have a flat sorted.. lets try some tennis

We spent yesterday walking Valencia, not the old town and bits we had done before - but from the old town to our new neighbourhood. Along the park in the old river bed.

We saw the local places in our Barrio (I’ll explain that term another time) - the local fruit shops, butchers, bakers, bars and coffee shops.

Got a feel for the neighbourhood and walked down to the beach also.

After going to look at the flat in the evening, we decided to celebrate in true English style in a local curry house. Unfortunately we forgot that nothing serving food really opens here until at least after 8 if not later and we were a little  too early.

So we caught a bus back to the old town and headed for another place we had been recommended - a taps bar near the one of the main squares. Wonderful - fairly cheap, nice maze-like interior and a the food was quite good. It was amusing to see that yet again Nicole managed to find a place next to some Germans (this is a curse that has haunted her ever since she came to the UK, she seems to never be more than 10 metres from another German - she hates it (-: ).

Today we are off to find out about the Valencia Tennis Open (see here) we are not sure what to expect but it must be better than the Milton Keynes Open or the Serrig Open (Nicole’s village).