Tennis was interesting, but the Brit some football

Tennis was great yesterday, we saw two full matches in the centre court and watched the city’s best tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero practicing. He has been responsible for also creating the Valencia Open which is only 6 years old. This is the last year it will be held where it was held yesterday - next year it will move location and time of the year. The location is great as it will be only a short walk from our new flat, the time will be November. It will also become a Open 500 tournament which means that it is only behind the Grand Slam tournaments and the masters series for prize money and points, and therefore will attract the top tennis stars.

Today we are going to try and get tickets for the football this evening, but we are not sure how easy that will be. We know where the stadium is as we looked at a flat right next door to it. The strange thing here is that football matches start at 10pm - so we plan to watch the game and then go for a curry on our final night here in April.