Visit from my mum

My mum came to visit in Germany and a good time was had by all - it took quite a while to organise before hand as there were passport problems and other such things - but it was all worth it in the end.

Apart from seeing mum and for her to get a better understanding of Nicole’s background and Germany - it was also nice to be able to do more tourist type things - in the four days mum and Graham were in Germany I learnt more about the region that I had been able to manage in the past 4 years of knowing about Serrig.

We visited Trier, Sarrburg (which although only a 10 minute drive away - we rarely visit the centre of - only the shops!), Kastel on the cliffs opposite Serrig and took a boat trip up the Saar to Mettlach - through the second biggest lock in Europe (14m).

The whole visit was great and it was a shame to say goodbye again.

Mum’s photos are here: