The German (Serrig) weather and other Stereotypes

The day we choose to leave Serrig, after our two month stay with Nicole’s parents, was fantastic weather. I had been told all week that if it rains on Saturday it will be because the clouds are crying when we leave. I liked this image - so was upset to see that the clouds had not even bothered to turn up let alone cry.

I think I have mentioned before but one of the things most people associate with the British is bad weather - within 5 minutes of meeting someone new there is usually a joke about raining Cats and Dogs. I try to do my best to get rid of this stereotype - by pointing out that we have less rain in London than there is in Rome each year. Telling people that it is just a perception and that it is not true - this never works - they look like they believe me - but next time I see them - A British weather joke again. (Incidentally I have found this stereotype is so strong that even the British believe it - there is no way to get rid of it - yet if you actually write down and notice the weather over a month I think you will be surprised.)

It has been great for me that the weather in Germany has been awful the time that we have been there - I think that there were only 4 sunny days - the rest cloudy and rainy (there really has been a lot of rain!).  So I have managed to convince people that perhaps the weather is the same in Germany and the UK - an achievement over two months!

In the future I will work on other silly stereotypes that still get taught at school:

  • The British have a cup of afternoon tea each day at 4pm
  • Policemen are referred to as Bobbies and wear those hats with nipples on
  • We are very traditional people with lots of heritage who don’t like change
  • Everyone has perfect stripes on their lawn

Finally a mention of a couple of things the British are referred to in Germany. We are called “The Island Monkeys”, Tommies and Beefeaters among others.