The Gestor

We have just spent the last hour waiting around for someone to make a nice signed photocopy of our passports. In 3 months this has been our first run in with bureaucracy in Spain and ironically it happened today after we signed up with our Gestor, who is the person who is supposed to sort all of this out for us.

A Gestor is a sort of cross between an accountant, solicitor and administrative assistant. They sort out all of the messy stuff for you and tell you where to sign and if you should sign. On top of that they provide advice on tax and accounting and complete you tax returns.

As you might imagine to get someone to do this for you requires a degree of trust and we chose ours based on a recommendation. Unfortunately the person who recommended our Gestor lives outside of Valencia and so it took about one and half hours to get there.

It is with relief though that we travel back to Valencia knowing that tax, health insurance, our status here and that of The Big Green Monster are all in hand. On top of that our Gestor was a nice and funny lady who gave us great advice on many things.