iPod Touch to be marketed as a gaming device

It seems that the latest adverts from Apple will market the iPod Touch as a gaming device - which in turn could get it into more pockets.

iPod touch

The latest iPod Touch advert from Apple was launched yesterday during Steve Jobs Keynote at the Let’s Rock event.

The Tag line for the iPod Touch now is “The Funnest iPod Ever” (not the funniest as I first read it!). The guided tour headlines games with music and movies as the reasons why you want an iPod Touch.

From a commercial point of view this is a problem mostly for Sony with the PSP (Howard Stringer Sony CEO was in the front row of the Key note apparently) - a more bulky gaming device that can play movies without the storage or touch. Nintendo will still compete on price and have all the great titles at the moment - but they must also be worried about the new iPod.

Why is this great for education? Well this increases the market place for iPod Touch (and to a lesser extent the iPhone) to gamers - they are a very picky bunch but if the iPod Touch titles become cool games then it could become a must have device - increasing it’s credibility. Anything that increases the street credibility of the iPod Touch helps create more software for it and also makes it more acceptable.

If Apple could only solve the problem of input - a clip-on keyboard that was also a screen protector as an accessory would be fantastic - or a bluetooth keyboard - or a full screen landscape keyboard for note taking.