iPhone Apps - the story so far

Another week - another enthusiastic iPhone story from Al!

iPod touch

This is just a round up of some stories and stats that have been around this week about the App Store going over the 10,000 application threshold.

Before the App Store stories here is a quick note that Apple now own the second most popular smartphone operating system. They have now captured 16.6% of the smartphone market globally - ahead of Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Also note this does not include the iPod Touch - not a phone - but it must be the biggest selling PDA in the world now.

OK App Store news:

148apps.com have put together a page with the icons for all 10,000 apps and have some statistics breaking down the details of the applications on the right. You can see a breakdown of apps by date submitted, price or category. Category shows that there are now 770 apps marked as education in the App Store which by my calculation is 7.7%. This should probably be watered down a little as many of the language applications have the same application many times each with different vocabulary sets e.g. French, German, Russian etc.

Let’s call it 7% of the whole set of applications for the sake of argument. I have no real data about how PC software breaks down in terms of categories - but I think this number must be about right as a proportion of a software market place.

For those wanting more stats you can visit Oreilly Radar for a breakdown of prices that indicates in the US App Store the average price of a top 100 application was now $2.60.

Finally MobileCrunch lists out the top apps in various categories broken down by paid and non-paid. There is not much to be learnt from this - apart from how healthy the market place is and how diverse some of the entries in the Top ten apps are.