Moving on......

So last month we made another one of those decisions. After living in Valencia since last May we have decided we are going to have to move to Germany from April this year.

The reasons are not simple to outline but they roughly break down as:

  • Nicole is travelling a lot with her job and currently a 2 hour meeting in Frankfurt takes 3 days with irregular and badly connecting flights.
  • When I have to meet in the UK I lose a lot time on travelling to the UK - it is not cheap either since Ryanair left the airport here after an argument with the city government.
  • We have been here 8 months yet still know very few people.
  • There is more to life than fantastic weather and a wonderful city.

We have yet to find a flat in Germany but we don’t expect things to be quite as complex there - we will move to a town which is about 5km from where Nicole grew up.

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