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It's been a while....

Well it has been a while since I last updated this blog - and I guess a lot has happened.

Firstly we sucessfully moved to Germany and we have moved in to a great flat in a quiet part of a small town about 5 Kilometers from Nicole’s family. It took a while for us to settle in as we have been doing quite a lot of travelling for work and social reasons.

In May we found out that Nicole was pregnant which was great news - but has obviously changed our out-llok on life and encouraged us to think about settling down in one place for a while. The baby is due on the 31st of December which should bring 2009 to a fantastic close.

At the start of July I asked Nicole to marry me and she luckily has said yes.

I think that brings everything up to date.

One of my reasons for coming and living in Germany was that I would like my German to improve rapidly. My goal is that I can sit down for dinner with all of Nicole’s family and follow the conversation without needing any help from Nicole. I am still a long way from this and get very frustrated with my pace of learning - especially as I am also very busy with work which cuts the amount of time I have for studying.

Anyway that covers everything new - hope to find more time to write about living in Germany soon.