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Back to my blog

I’ve just updated the design and the look of the site and realised it has been a long time since the last posting on here! December 2009 - just after Lily was born.

I have found recently that I have so many ideas (too many ideas) for what I want to do with the site that I have had a bit of a paralysis of actually doing things. I have been tweaking this new look and feel for 6 months now, but this week decided enough is enough lets get back to posting stuff.

I hope to visit here a bit more often and use the blog as a place to record and expand on some of the things I do and see on twitter and around the web. I also have plans to include a couple of micro-blogs but more on that once I actually get around to doing it!

I must restore all of the old travel stuff because next year it will be ten years since the trip that changed so much in my life, but that is a big project that will be to tackled in lots of smaller increments.

So hello again from Al, let’s see what happens next.