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10 years later...

10 years ago today on the 21st April 2003 I set off on bike from Milton Keynes, England with an aim to go wherever my bike took me. The plan was to head roughly for Russia and then China (but the only real plan I had was to be in London that evening).

The household scene as I write this 10 years later, is one that is very different to the lifestyle and household I left behind in Milton Keynes all those years ago. Currently I am sitting in our house in a village in Germany, with a newborn baby and toddler making plenty of noise and my fiancé Nicole happily tending to them both.

I would never have met Nicole if not for the journey I took in 2003, and I would certainly not be enjoying this scene, and it gives me great pleasure to remember the version of me that set off a decade ago innocent of all that would come.

If I can manage it, my plan over the next year is to make a brief post each day highlighting where (both physically and emotionally) I was on my great journey of 2003, with a few photos and a bit of text to let me enjoy again that fabulous year.

So where to begin?..