10 years later (Day 1) Milton Keynes to London with broken chain

Sun, Apr 21, 2013

Trip Date:Mon, Apr 21, 2003 Distance:70 miles
Start:Milton Keynes, England End:London, England

Day starts with sad goodbyes but the start of an adventure, within 5 miles of Milton Keynes (Great Brickhill) my chain had snapped. Chain repairing took 40 minutes and then I was off again and onwards to London.

Eventually I start for China

My route through London for some reason took me up Harrow on the Hill and then Notting Hill and I really struggled in Harrow, the first hill I had to walk up with my full bike.

I ended up travelling through Chelsea on a match day, which meant there were no cars and at one point I came across a line of policemen completely across the road looking like they were expecting a riot. Luckily the didn’t consider me to be a one man riot and opened up the chain for me to get through.

Great evening out in London with Martin & Shel and despite my attempts to avoid too many beers Marty kept persuading me that beer was a good source of carbs (plus the inevitable curry).

Went to bed only at 1 but to sleep in a bed was luxury as I had been sleeping on floor of house for a week because my stuff was now in storage.