10 years later (Day 2) London to the coast

Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Trip Date:Tue, Apr 22, 2003 Distance:58 miles
Start:London, England - 10:30 End:Whitstable, England - 19:00

Day starts with a visit from Rich, which was a nice surprise, he took lots of photos of me, (must grab a copy some day). This lead to a late start at 10:30. Also decided to ditch some stuff with Martin to reduce my weight, seems silly now, but left behind a hat a pair of shoes and tore up war and peace to only carry volume I and also ditched the cantebury tales.

Got lost on way out of London was regretting having such large scale maps, but all turned out ok in the end, I just headed east whenever I could and used the sun when in doubt. Went through Greenwich and past the Thames flood barrier, under the QE II bridge at Dartford and few places I had only heard of before, Rochester, Gravesend and more…

Ended the day just outside Whitstable, but struggled to find a campsite, when I did I realised I had no cash, so set up my tent and cycled off to find food and cash.

Tent pitch was on top of a hill and I have a vivid memory of sitting there after I had eat my pasta tea and phoning Andy Harris who was out with Kevin in a London pub.

Bed at 10 and slept like a log.