10 years later (Day 5) Fairy Tale Gent and into Brussels

Thu, Apr 25, 2013

Trip Date:Fri, Apr 25, 2003 Distance:70 miles
Start:Bruges, Belgium - 08:00 End:Tervuren, Belgium - 17:05

Nice uneventful cycle from Bruges to Gent in the morning. I remember my arrival in Gent very well though, the place just looked like a fairy tale. (I must find the picture I took). Cobbled streets, a cobbled bridge and lots of medieval houses and 3 huge gothic churches.

Lunch was in a park in Aalst, after which I ran out of flat Belgium and found hilly Belgium, which although nothing like Kent it was still a shock after the previous two days.

Faced a challenge breaking through the motorway into Brussels, the cycle track I was on just stopped and after 30 mins trying to find a way under or over the motorway I gave up and just cycled up a slip road on to the motorway and hoped the next down ramp would also have a way to the other side of the motorway.

The hills slowly increased in magnitude as I approached Brussels and I at one point I felt I could understand the plight of a cyclist in San Fransicso. I got lost a bit in Brussels due to the lack of detail on my map - I just kept going in the direction I thought was correct and eventually broke through to the side I needed to be.

Amazingly after the 70 mile cycle and getting lost etc I managed to get to the place I was supposed to meet a friend only 5 minutes late at 17:05. I met Andrew at the British School in Tervuren where he took me to his flat in Leuverne where I was due to stay for the weekend, leaving my bike at the school.

In the evening Zsuzsa flew in from England, she was a colleague from my company in the UK, and we talked until not very late as we were both knackered.

I stayed in Leuverne for the weekend, visiting Brussels with Zsuzsa and getting lost on the wrong train and getting quite drunk with Zsuzsa on strong Belgium beers.