10 years later (Day 9) after the lovely people of Zwolle

Mon, Apr 29, 2013

Trip Date:Tue, Apr 29, 2003 Distance:122km
Start:Tilburg, The Netherlands - 08:00 End:Arnhem, The Netherlands - 16:30

First job of the morning after leaving my hosts house was to find somewhere to buy them some wine which I left on their front door step before carrying on my journey.

I aimed north with a rough plan to head towards Arnhem and reached the outskirts about 15:30 after getting a bit lost on the way. I found a campsite just outside Oosterbeck and was downhearted to find the office closed. However some other campers phoned up the owner and negotiated with him for me to get a place. Was a fantastic campsite and had a personal shower and toilet as part of my plot - cost was €20.

Was in bed by 9 after a I’d cooked my tea.