10 years later (Day 11) Enter to leave

Wed, May 01, 2013

Trip Date:Thu, May 01, 2003 Distance:50km
Start:Zwolle, The Netherlands - 15:00 End:Enter, The Netherlands - 18:00

In the morning I set off on my bike to find Ruud & Marleen’s boat and have a look around. The boat was an old cargo boat and they had a plan to convert it slowly over two years into a house boat, so far they were 6 months into the plan. Had a really great time with the pair of them and enjoyed their company. When it was time for me to go I found it hard to get away as Ruud kept finding things in the boat that he thought I ought to have in my bags for the rest of my journey.

The final thing that they told me was to look out for the Dutch mountains as I headed for the German border. The mountains turned out to be about 40 metres high and hardly noticeable.

During my afternoons cycle I was joined by a 60 year old lady with very good English for about 5 kilometres with me. She had caught me up and when she had enough conversation she took off at a speed far in excess of mine. The conversation was interesting and she was quite an inspiration for me.

I had spotted a campsite on the map near a village called Enter which was my target for the day. When I got there, they refused to let me camp as the guy in change told me that his brother in law needed to be there to me where to go. I told him this was all silly and that I could just pitch my tent where I found a space. Once I had done so he came to find me and I was a bit worried that he was going to turf me off the site, but instead he gave me €5 and told me he was sorry that he had over charged me.