10 years later (Day 16) north from Hannover

Mon, May 06, 2013

Trip Date:Tue, May 06, 2003 Distance:100km
Start:Hannover, Germany - 09:30 End:Soltau, Germany - 17:30

The journey was a hard one, not sure why though, perhaps the beer the night before, perhaps the north west wind, perhaps the lazy day before, whatever the cycle was very hard and I was relieved to find the campsite.

The night before my sleep had been interrupted by a crazy italian who had put new bed sheets on my bed on top of my bed sheets, he first complained I was in his bed then once we found out he had made the bed twice I had to get up and strip off his sheets for him.

Campsite was by a pond and very nice - eat a lot of pasta to make the next days cycling better.