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Failed Diary Updates

So I guess i was overly optimistic when, last year, I started posting my diary entries from 10 years ago, that I could keep up a daily commitment to write up my posts, mark start and end points on a map and find relevant photos.

I do want to properly document that fantastic life changing year if for no other reason than to make it accessible to my kids for when they want to find out more about our travels. It hasn’t matter how high my motivation has been though because between work, two kids and a new house there was not enough spare time each day to read, write, edit and post the updates. Even worse once I got a week behind in my posts the work needed to catch-up was way more that I could find for so I’ve been ignoring the problem and focusing on more pressing matters.

My plan is still to finish documenting the year. Look out for some more posts about my big trip soon but not at the rate I had originally planned.

Trying to write daily blog posts has been one of many reasons that caused me to reflect on my priorities and the various commitments that I try to juggle on a daily and weekly basis. If I could find some time I might even write some more on this topic. ;-)