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Book Review : The Son

I have just finished reading The Son by Jo Nesbo and I wanted to publish a review mostly just to spread the word and get others to read it.

I have read a lot of Jo Nesbo’s books before, mostly from the Harry Hole series, and have throughly enjoyed all of them.

To give you the blurb from the book:

Sonny is a model prisoner
He listens to the confessions of other inmates at Oslo jail, and absolves them of their sins. Some people even whisper that Sonny is serving time for someone else: that he doesn’t just listen, he confesses to their crimes.

Inspector Simon Kefas
is a dedicated police officer Simon has worked for the Oslo police force for years. He’s just been assigned a new murder investigation and a new partner, all on the same day.

Both of them knew Sonny’s father
To Sonny he was the man he idolised, to Simon he was his best friend. Both were left devastated when his corruption was revealed.

But neither of them knew the truth

I was skeptical of a plot without my favourite Oslo detective, but as the book unfolded it was clear the plot would not have worked so well with Harry Hole. After so many journeys with Harry, the reader knows his flaws and guiding values well. So It was refreshing to follow a different, yet equally flawed detective, around the streets of Oslo instead, and be on edge about how he would push the investigation forward.

Another thing that I noticed was that the translator for this book (Charlotte Barslund) was not the same one who translated the Harry Hole series (Don Bartlett). I have often wondered if Don’s translating might be an important part of why I enjoy Jo Nesbo books, and was interested to see if I would miss his work. I can say that I did not miss Don’s voice, and I was equally as gripped by this book, and at times even more so than with the Harry Hole books. The last 3rd of the book was completed in a 4.5 hour session as I could not put down the book and get the sleep I really needed yesterday.

So please do get a copy you will not regret it.

If you do, please get in contact and tell me your thoughts.

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