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Book Review: On her Majesty's Sercet Service

At the point of completing this book it was my favourite Bond book so far, it is one of the best of the series along with Casino Royale and Thunderball.

Great, simple and not too far fetched plot, a really enjoyable read.

I really enjoyed the ski chase scene, but always had the back of my head Eddie Izzard’s comment about why there are no car chases in books1.

If you only ever read one Bond book make sure it is this or one of the other greats…


  1. ‘There are no car chases in books, are there? (mimes reading from book) “He looked up in the mirror. Behind him, the man was driving. He looked in the mirror and then he was driving. Oh, they drove faster, faster, driving fast and looking in the mirror. The other guy was pulling a face and driving fast, and then there was a terrible crash.” Just doesn’t fucking work, does it?’ transcript ↩︎