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Book Review: An Economist Walks Into A Brothel, Allison Schrager

Book Cover from An Economist Walks Into A Brothel by Allison Schrager


A highly enjoyable review of how to manage risk, using the perspectives of some unusual case studies, sex workers, poker players, paparazzi, a magician and a 3 star general, to name but a few. Easy to read, well presented and a good overview of risk management. Lessons from the book can be applied to many activities from daily life in addition to how to manage financial risk.


I had heard the author on the “Clear and Vivid” podcast with Alan Alder and the stories she told and the perspectives she provided caught interest. I was right to follow up on my first impression and purchase the book, as the author is as capable in her writing as she was on that podcast to make the complex become tangible and understandable.

The many perspectives that are brought to the book really help to dive deeper into different risk management strategies and apply the lessons learnt.

The stories in the book chain together in a well-structured narrative that comes together in a nice conclusion at the end of the book. After reading that last sentence, please do remember this is a non-fiction book that we are talking about here ;-)

If you are interested in risk management already, then this would make a great read to reinforce all you may already know. If you are not into risk management, then this is a fantastic read that will introduce many new concepts in an easy-to-read format.