There is no support for comments on - sorry about that but I just don’t think that they add any value. I’d just get a lot of spam comments that would need to be managed. I also have some technical reasons that mean I am unable to support comments1.

If you do want to provide feedback or would like to post a public reply please do one of the following:

  • Contact me via email or twitter with your comments
  • Post a reply somewhere public on the internet and tell me about it and I will include a link to that post (assuming it is not spam!).
  1. For those who care about these things: The current version of the site is generated from markdown files using Jekyll. This results in a static HTML site rather than one generated on the fly by a server. The upside of this is that I can easily switch hosting to any other hosting provider as I no longer require scripting support or a database on the web server. The downside is that the lack of database and scripting support means that no dynamic content can be included such as comments without using JavaScript.